Weather. #yyc #alwayswinter #whydoIlivehere

Took Team Canada out for a quick spin before the prologue tomorrow. #yyc #tourofalberta #teamcanada

Saw a falcon on today’s ride.

On point.

Watch this movie.

Big ups to @outdooryoga! Such a good time👊

Rawkin it old school with a #montecristo number 2. #cigar #alwaysbecrushingdelicious

On the climb. #mtseymour

#tbt to bombing down the #pordoi. Photo courtesy of @bsauber #raphatravel


Fuck, acceptance makes things easier. Fighting, being in limbo, wavering, going back and forth, internal bargaining, self deprivation. These are all the fun things you can do instead of accepting a situation.

There’s so much freedom in acceptance. It takes so much energy to fight. So much effort to keep up the denial. So much convincing to push through the doubt. But for what? What’s the outcome going to be? What’s going to be different if nothing changes? 

Acceptance allows for the next phase to start. It’s like hitting the reset button. It’s a big sigh of relief. Taking a load off. Dropping some weight.